Sunday, May 23, 2010

Renewed Hope

A friend of mine from my Hall Advisor days asked me to be a guest contributor on her blog. I was definitely touched and honored that she would ask. Her blog allowed me the chance to again reflect on how the light of the gospel has helped me through a struggle greater than myself. Thank you, Lori, for this opportunity.

So...I should include a few Rays of Light:
*Braeden actually sat on the promise that he'll actually continue this trend, or heaven forbid, do it without clothes ;), but we'll take what we can get.

*Ryan's home from his Cali trip. Glad he had the opportunity to speak at a conference, but even more glad that he's back here with me.

*Bradley's did an amazing job in kindergarten. He's a reading fiend. On more than one occasion, he's said, "I just got distracted. I was reading!" Ah, music to my ears. (But he does still need to eat his meals!)

Thanks again, Lori, for helping me to see the light in my life and feel a renewed sense of hope.


lori said...

Thank YOU, Marianne! I am truly grateful for your friendship and your example!

moviesta said...

Thank YOU, Marianne! I am truly grateful for your friendship and your example!

Женя said...

thank you for your Rays of Light=) right now i need something to believe in...

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